Have you struggled with moving your relationship with Jesus from merely an idea to an experience that is tangible and relevant to your life? What if someone told you that some of the very principles that made popular performers like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé Knowles, and Sean "Diddy" Combs successful can help you have that experience?

While looking at MTV, Jared Renaud Taylor noticed something very interesting. He realized much of the success of the world's prominent musicians came from applying biblical principles of which most of the artists were - and probably still are - unaware.

Indeed, it seems that "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." (Luke 16:8). The author sees Christian principles in many unlikely places and reveals that the successes and failures of these entertainers can serve as illustrations that will aid the development of our relationships with Christ.

New Lenses: How I Met Jesus on MTV is a book for individuals who want a truly intimate relationship with Jesus but just don't know where to start. It is written to help us get a clearer understanding of discipleship--the vehicle through which our relationships with Christ are developed and nurtured. It is the author's prayer that by using new lenses, through which we can examine these "MTV principles," we will be encouraged to adjust our outlook on the world and learn to notice God more in the things around us.


"Jared Taylor lives his life in a brilliant pursuit of Jesus Christ. Every time I have been around Jared, God has used him to bring me closer to God through studying the Scriptures together. I am excited about Jared's book release and know that he has written with caution, prayer and excellence." Pastor Justin Hanneken, Director of Outreach for YouthHOPE (www.youthhope.com)

"Jared Taylor's spiritual perspective has always been a revelatory enlightenment to me. His apt ability to parallel everyday scenarios with biblical principle and apply Godly insight often leaves me speechless." Terrell Hunt, Music Minister/National Recording Artist (www.terrellhuntministries.com)

"Jared has always had a heart for his peers and an intense desire to see both himself and them fulfill whatever mission God may be calling them to. With his natural flare as a leader and his ability to get things done, Jared has already touched and transformed many young lives by the grace of God. Now, with his brilliantly fresh perspective on Christian ministry and obligation, I believe Jared's 'New Lenses' will not only inform but also reshape the way we see and even do things as believers!" – Russell Léonce, Youth Minister/International Recording Artist/Song Writer (www.russellleonce.com)

"Anyone who's worked with Jared in the past knows he is a stickler for detail. This is evident in his research of the artists in the book, his scriptural references and his overall approach to the subject. In the unlikely event it isn't thorough enough, this book is certainly going to make you think about your own life and relationship with God." Keith Kirk - Producer/Songwriter



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